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Game of Thrones: The Kingsroad

I have forgotten so much from the first book (in my defense, it's been at least 6 years since I read it last).  The plus side: certain things were surprising!  I had completely forgotten about the random assassin who tries to kill Bran, and thus I figuratively speaking jumped a mile high when Catelyn turned around and BOOM random guy in the room with her.  Also her hands, oh my god her hands.  I was flipping out.  Also I love her.  And Summer.  And all of the direwolves.

Now that they are not pups anymore, they bear a striking resemblance to my dog.  Lady, in particular, looks quite a lot like him as she has much of his coloring; he's got brown on his face where she's got grey, and yeah okay he's a bit smaller since he's not actually a direwolf, but otherwise she's pretty much a dead ringer for him.  I was already very distressed about losing Nymeria, and I am not ashamed to admit that I teared up a bit when Sansa and Arya started wailing and then Ned, oh Ned.  I wish he walked around with a big sign that said "If you can't swing the sword, then maybe he doesn't deserve to die," or whatever the actual line is.

I am glad, I think, that they edited the scene with Ned and Sandor Clegane.  And Mycah (I don't remember how to spell his name? poor child).  As I recall, the Hound shows up and is all LOOK AT THIS BOY I JUST SLICED IN TWO and Ned is like WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU and Young!Shah, reading this for the first time, was shouting at her book for Ned to pick up Ice and kill him.  That is to say, it was a very memorable moment, and one that I wouldn't change in the book, but I'm glad they didn't show that on screen because a child chopped in half is a mountain of DNW.

Alright Dany's handmaiden whose name I don't remember!  I have been sort of generally unsettled about the Dany/Drogo storyline.  I love both characters in the books, but the combination of that change made in the first episode and just the general effect of watching this unfold onscreen (plus I am older and hopefully wiser than I was when I read GoT) has made my increasingly aware of the very unfortunate trope at work here.  But I so desperately want them to do well.  I think they've done as well as could be expected in the second episode.  Mostly I'm excited for Dany learning Dothraki though--yay communication!  Hopefully!  Maybe a real dialogue in the next episode!

What else?  I just love this entire cast.  Maisie Williams, <3.  Tyrion was especially awesome this week.  Also he slapped Joffrey, which was almost as satisfying as Nymeria biting him.  Oh, and I have oodles of love for Lena Headey and Michelle Fairley and their masterful scene by Bran's bedside.  I liked the roadside scene with Ned and Robert too.  It's hard for me to judge, but I think they're doing fairly well with working in the history in a non-infodump kind of way.  So they haven't named Aerys or Rhaegar yet but hopefully newcomers to the series are starting to get the idea.

I have also forgotten what happens next to Catelyn.  I can't quite believe it myself.  What does she do in the first book?  I have no idea!  Don't tell me.  I'll probably remember in Episode 3, but if not I shall enjoy the suspense.

I so need an icon.  But I can't decide if I want one of Arya, Tyrion, or Dany.  Or any of the characters that I love (which is ALL OF THEM).  Such a dilemma!  I also can't decide which of my current icons to ditch.  #firstworldproblems

ETA: Guest appearance from Shah's dad (via email): "Oh, and I HATE HATE HATE that sniveling arrogant tiny-toothed Joffrey." 

I also watched the new Doctor Who but can't really think of anything to say so I'll just wait until the second part.  I liked it but I'm a tad confused.  Also my friend kept trying to talk to me while I was watching it, so I kind of missed some things.  One of which, I have since learned, was extremely significant.


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