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I have finished my undergraduate career, and am now luxuriating in free time.  Sort of.  Well, for a couple hours yesterday anyway.

Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger: finally caught up )

Doctor Who: The Doctor's Wife
Oh Neil Gaiman )

Game of Thrones: The Wolf and the Lion
So. Damn. Good. )

Sherlock: Study in Pink
I am finally watching Sherlock )

I have also added a couple new items to my fangirl collection!

pics )

And that's what's new in my fannish life!
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Dear Chuck,

While I very much appreciate the ASOIAF reference, NOBODY is going to believe that tiny little book you were reading was actually Game of Thrones.  


(If you didn't notice/forgot because the episode aired ages ago, Chuck was reading a book at the dining room table and said something like "Oh Eddard, don't give your kid a direwolf!")
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Chuck Versus the Muuuuuuurder (can't help myself) (yes I know I'm still behind)
All about Ellie )

Community: Competitive Wine Tasting
somewhat disappointed )

Parks and Recreation: April and Andy's Fancy Party
best use of April Come She Will )
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Eh, you know.  Because I can.  But first, a quick question for my flist, inspired by the song I am listening to right now: if I were to buy just one season of Bear McCreary's BSG soundtracks, which would you recommend? I only have one song right now. It is 'Kara Remembers' from Someone to Watch Over Me and I downloaded to help me write certain scenes in The Breath Between.

Community: set phasers to "love me" )

Parks and Recreation: i just like this show so much )

Chuck: spoilers for CAT Squad )

Farscape: most of the way through season 3 )

Also I have seen the new Game of Thrones preview and IT LOOKS SO BEYOND AMAZING.  That is all.

Oh yeah, and I have been rewatching The Education of Max Bickford.  I don't know what it is about this show (besides, you know, the Sackhoff element) that inspires me to rewatch it annually.  Someday I will write a big post about it.  But not this day.

I watched the Oscars too, of course.  I always do, even though they're not actually that interesting.  But this year I was just sad that my beloved True Grit got robbed.  I mean, I liked The King's Speech.  And I loved Colin Firth's acceptance speech.  That award was well deserved.  But I am sort of fundamentally apathetic about the British monarchy.  It's not like he wrote the speech, you know.   Yeah yeah, not the point, whatever.  I wasn't surprised, just a little disappointed. 
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So here's the thing.  I'm not really into criticizing women (with a few exceptions).  There's far too much of that in the world, and I don't like to add to it.  Last week, I was reading this thing about some female characters in sci-fi, and it reminded me of the flowchart thingy that got linked all over the place a couple months ago.  Long story short, while I certainly see the value in speaking critically about the way women are written (and hell, I do it all the time) I feel it's detrimental to dismiss those women.  So I got the idea to do this post.  And I was going to post it on More Joy Day, which is today (Thursday) but I forgot and have only just remembered.  It will most likely not be Thursday anymore by the time I finish all the coding, so just know that I did start the post with a few minutes left in the day!  

Anyway, I have been waiting for the opportune moment to post the "30 Days of Awesome Women" meme.  All in one day.  Or maybe three.  That moment may have been a couple of hours ago, but points for effort. 

Behind the cut, you will find the first ten categories and LOTS of pictures.  Fandoms include: Battlestar Galactica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, X-Files, Veronica Mars, Doctor Who, Dexter, Firefly, Community, Angel, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, Chuck, Wonderfalls, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Farscape, ...and I think that's all of them.  There will be more fandoms in the later parts.

Also I cheated and listed multiple characters for just about every category, so there are far more than ten women behind the cut.

22 awesome women )

Okay, that's all for now.  I'll be back with 11-20 tomorrow.  Probably.  And by "tomorrow" I really mean "later today" because it's not Thursday anymore.

In the meantime, feel free to chime in with other awesome women!
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Weekly TV!

Dexter: so many awesome women )

Chuck: Aisle of Terror! )

Glee: eh )

Community: BEST THING EVER )
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How's that for a title?

I. I had almost given up on Farscape.  I was a couple discs into season two, but I hadn't been watching it recently.  Too distracted by life, current tv, 3rd Rock from the Sun, and also 30 Rock (I'm only two seasons behind).  I liked Aeryn, and John, and Chiana and Zhaan but the show was boring me.  And then, just randomly, I returned to Farscape yesterday...and dammit, they've sucked me in again!  The episode was "Out of Their Minds" and it was just so fun and cute.  Dammit.  I just...I get so tired of these problem-of-the-week episodes, and their bad guys are seriously boring.  And I can forgive that stuff in the first season but so far there's no sign of a genuine arc and it's just...well, now I'm watching Farscape again, but for how long?  Will I make it to the end of this season?  Or will I lose interest again?  I do not know.

II. spoilers for Chuck )

III. A meme from emmiere:
1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter. (If you ask)
2. List (and upload) 5 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

Love is a Hard Waltz by Nanci Griffith
Like a River by Kasey Chambers
Latika's Theme by AR Rahmann
Let It Blow by Richard Thompson
Little Rock & Roller by Steve Earle

IV. In case you haven't been listening to me ramble about it in the last couple of weeks, I've been re-reading His Dark Materials with BSG in mind.  the Grumman problem )
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Dexter: Hello Bandit )

Chuck: Chuck Versus the Cubic Z )

Glee: Grilled Cheesus )

The Big Bang Theory: I don't know what this episode was called )

Community: The Psychology of Letting Go )

Day 6: Favorite Male Character

Giles!  He's just so Giles-y.  I want one.  Also my Grandma thinks he's hot.  Okay, I don't really have anything to say about him other than I love him and he's awesome,, have a video (not embedding because I'm lazy and it makes my browser slow).

Oh, and an update on my BSG/HDM whatever-this-is.  I've done some more casting/recasting.

Lyra = Kara
Will = Lee
Roger = Zak
Lord Asriel = Adama
Mrs. Coulter = Number Six
Lee Scoresby = Helo
Serafina = Athena
Mary Malone = Laura Roslin
The golden monkey = Leoben
The magisterium also = Leoben (just go with it)
Metatron = Cavil

Iorek is still Iorek.  Will's mom will be Carolanne, obvs.  I'm missing a Stanislaus Grumman though.

Holy crap that's a lot of tags.
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1. After a few months of nothing, I have returned to the blogosphere.  You may read my reviews of Chuck Versus the Anniversary and Glee's Auditions at Critically Obsessed.  Or not, since they're mostly just prettified versions of my episode reaction posts on here.  Also at some point I will get off my ass and review Dexter, not to mention the next episodes of Chuck and Glee (short version: loved the latest Chuck, was profoundly bored by the latest Glee).  But as you may have noticed, I am a very lazy blogger.

But I do like to update this ol' thing with a bit more frequency, so...

2. I've decided to be Buffy for Halloween (with my friend who is going as Faith).  In honor of that, I've also decided to give this meme a shot!  I might not make it through all thirty days.  Or I might expedite the process like last time.  We'll see.

Day 1: Favorite Season

Season 3.  It's just classic Buffy.  It has everything--the heart of the team (Buffy, Willow, Xander, and Giles) and some Plus Ones (Angel, Oz, Cordelia...).  Angst and drama and character growth.  An amazing villain (Mayor Wilkins <3).  Great storylines.  And so intrinsically tied to the confusion of finishing high school.  It's pretty much just awesome.  There's only one episode that I would consider a 'bad' episode, and that's Dead Man's Party--and it's still pretty good (Giles mocks Americans!  Oz defines a hootenanny!  Zombies crash the party!).  So if that's the lowest point, the rest of the season has to be pretty damn great.  There's a reason [ profile] visualthinker11  and I chose Season 3 for the [ profile] hellmouth_vsds (which is that we love it, and also that Buffy and Angel really pile on the angst in this season).

Still need convincing?

clicky for awesome vid )

the rest of the meme. i haven't even read the whole list )

Oh yeah, and 3. "God Is A DJ" came up on iTunes shuffle today and it made me ridiculously happy.  I'm so excited to have the Kara vidlet-a-thon and the All the Galactica Ladies Ficathon to look forward to!  Yay more gen Kara stuff!  I am hereby giving this post my every week is kara week tag.  It is my favorite tag.

Also 4. I got my [ profile] intoabar  assignment and I have noooooo idea what I am going to write.  But it's cool.  I'll figure something out.
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My TV shows, they are back!  I just typed "shoes" instead of "shows," by the way, so my TV shoes are also back, whatever that means.  

Glee: oh traitorous heart )

Chuck: I loved it )
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A show that you wish more people were watching:

Reasons you should be watching Chuck )

Also, I frakking loved the latest Glee.  I think "Dream on" was my favorite episode from this season (or is this still the first season?  I'm so confused).  I loved every single song.  Artie's storyline was great.  And there wasn't any fail, or random paraplegic kids.

Have a list

Apr. 6th, 2010 09:30 pm
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Things that are good:
  • Making progress on the fic, although I still have a ways to go.  In retrospect, I never could have finished before the original deadline.  Not without many sleepless nights and a serious decline in the quality of the fic.
  • Lost: I know nothing about tonight's episode but I really enjoyed last week's.  Judging by the comments on the Jezebel recap for the episode, I might be in the minority.  Oh well.  I love Sun and Jin!  Theirs is probably the only relationship I'm actually invested in.  My short list of people I want to survive features the Kwon family.
  • Community: I started watching this weekend.  I am six episodes in and this is fabulous.  Seriously.  Everyone who told me to watch this show...well, you weren't wrong!
  • Chuck: brief reaction )
  • Doctor Who: This is the week of awesome television.  Seriously.  Matt Smith and Amy Pond, you've convinced me.  You are awesome.  I don't even mind the new TARDIS overly much.  I do mind, however, the new intro music.  It used to be so awesome.  Seriously, why would you mess that up Moffat?
  • You remember when I posted those two pieces of original fiction awhile back, and I was looking for concrit?  Because I was applying to a highly selective writing class?  Well, they posted the list on Monday and I made it!  I've been walking on air ever since.
  • Browser Pong: I will soon be the master.  (Caution: almost as much of a time waster as tvtropes)
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1. spoiler for Chuck Versus the American Hero )

2. They're out of bsg drivers at [ profile] crack_van !  You guys, seriously.  It's not much of a commitment--you only have to rec a minimum of 4 fics (if I recall correctly).  And we cannot let our fandom be survived by the freaking Sentinel.  I don't even know what that is.

3. Passed 9000 words on [ profile] pilotsbigbang  fic!  It's not exactly close to being done though.  I guess my goal of re-writing the entire fourth season in 10k was a little optimistic.  Thank the gods for that extension.

4. Keith Carradine (Agent Lundy from Dexter and whatshisface Harding from Dollhouse) is coming to speak at my school this week and I'm going to go see him.  It's a little odd though, since I didn't particularly like him that much on either show.  Mostly because I am on TEAM ANTON.
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freaking out. beware of capslock )

Also completely unrelated to Chuck, but earlier today I was listening to "Song For You" by Alexi Murdoch, a song that I have listened to many times (48, according to iTunes) but apparently never really listened to.  Because holy crap is it about Kara (with a side of your ship of choice).  Holy crap!  

A sample:
'Cause you know it's a simple game
That you play filling up your head with rain
And you know you're hiding from your pain
In the way, the way you say your name

And I see you
Hiding your face in your hands
Flying so you won't land
Think no one understands
No one understands

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Four things )
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I'm sure you are all asking yourselves this question.  Fear not, for here is the answer!

1. Dollhouse.  I am caught up! )

2. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
I will be brief, as I am not done.  I did not achieve my goal of watching the entire second season in just under a week, though I did try very hard.  I did watch three discs in three days though.  But now I know what people were talking about when they said that T;SCC did the pigeon thing better (and I also know that my sister was not joking when she said it was a recurring character).

3. Doctor Who
I saw Waters of Mars.  And...I didn't like it )

4. Chuck
I am loving it.  Last night's episode was great.  That is all.

Status of my pilotsbigbang fic: I have about 1200 words written (including the ending, actually) and one very shoddy outline.  Very shoddy.  I don't think I will be signing up for bsg_remix this year (because bigbang is probably going to take me down to the wire, and I don't think I can turn around and pop out a remix fic immediately after that).  But all of you writers out there should!

And in other news, apparently my new callsign is Sunshine.  Can't complain.

TV Meme

Jan. 21st, 2010 01:46 am
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TV meme stolen from [ profile] gypsy_sally .  I've been busy and sort of out of the LJ loop, and seriously lagging on the fic front.  But it's getting there.  I hope.  Anyway, have a meme.

meme meme meme )

CHUCK 2.22

Apr. 28th, 2009 03:08 pm
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Why yes, the season finale DOES require capslock!

spoilers, with minimal capslock )

This mood refers to how I will feel if the show does not get renewed.

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A few things, most of which are completely unrelated....
Word is that Katee Sackhoff's got the lead in a pilot called "Lost and Found" by the Law and Order guy. I'm not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, I'd rather watch this thing than Nip/Tuck. On the other hand, I strongly dislike Law and Order. And after putting myself through Bionic Woman, I'm just not sure how much this fangirl can take. So I sincerely hope that a) it's surprisingly good, or b) she moves on quickly to greater things. Otherwise I just don't know how I'll get my fix post-Battlestar! (Sad thing is, I'm mostly serious)

Does anyone here watch Chuck? I just watched the pilot (I am behind, of course) and it was quite entertaining. Still working my way through Doctor Who (2nd season--I miss Christopher Eccleston). Sometimes I think I watch too much TV. Or I watch it too intently anyway.

I wrote a short story! Yay! Haven't finished one of those in awhile. Fanfiction may be sparse now that classes are up and running, doubly so now that one of those classes has me writing a story a week. I did write a short fic though that's at the beta, so hopefully this well won't be too dry. I'm still working on the plot fic, but it's a bit stalled at the moment. I need to write about a character that I haven't got a great handle on, so that's taking some work. And some time. But it will come! Hopefully before 2009.

Last week I updated the VSDs after our longest between-diary break yet:
"My field tests against the Vampyrs had in no way prepared me for great blobby demons who like to remove kneecaps. Really, am considering writing an irate letter to Watcher's Academy recommending a change."
-Wesley: Cuppa Tea, Cuppa Tea...

And here ends the kind of pointless update.


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