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For the third and final installation, we have the following fandoms: Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Wonderfalls, The Education of Max Bickford, 30 Rock, Lost, and a bunch of books.  Also some music.  Oh, and a thing about Ripley.

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And that's it!  Who's on your list that I missed?
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Hello!  I have three fic recs for you today.  Three very different fics. 

1) Some amazing person wrote this really, really fantastic BSG/BtVS crossover for me at [ profile] pilots_presents !  I've read it three times already.  It's so good.  Thrilling and heart-breaking and so very satisfying.  Lovely prose too.  It's an AU in which Kara is called as the Slayer back in the 1890s (in the Australian outback!  Though they don't stay there).  Adama is her Watcher of course, and Lee is tagging along as a Watcher-in-training.  Anyway, it's brilliant.  Go read it: Prophecy Girl (Part One and Part Two).

2) I don't usually rec WIPs, but I'm enjoying this one so much and it is another BSG/BtVS crossover--and those are so rare.  I check Twisting the Hellmouth pretty regularly (for those not in the know, it is a website specifically devoted to BtVS crossovers) but their BSG section is quite sparse.  So imagine my surprise when I stumbled across Shaking the Cycle!  In this AU, Dawn is kindasortanotreally reincarnated on the Twelve Kara's younger sister.  There are twenty chapters so far, but they're still on season 2.0.  I'm really liking it so far.

3) Wounded Wing by [ profile] mserrada .  This fic is quite long, which some may find off-putting, but I loved it.  Although I must caution you that it's not for every reader--it's very, very dark.  This story deals with one possible version of Kara's incarceration on New Caprica and the repercussions once she returns to the fleet.  There are scenes of torture and abuse, so if that upsets you too much you're probably best not reading it.  Still, the bulk of the story takes place on Galactica, rebuilding Kara's distorted relationships with her friends and family.  The link above is to the first chapter, or you can see all the chapters in the tags.

Also I randomly watched "Water" today (my dad is rewatching the first season) and I had almost forgotten just how good the first season is.  I mean, this episode only has one Kara scene in it and still, it is great!  Oh, how I used to love Boomer and Chief and Cally and Gaeta (I still like Gaeta, but the other three are iffy).  Also s1Gaius is so very amusing.  And Lee, he was so awkward!  But of course my favorite part of the episode is when Kara blows smoke in Baltar's face.

Fic recs!

Feb. 28th, 2010 07:02 pm
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Well, February's over and so is my time as the bsg driver for [ profile] crack_van .  As promised, I'm compiling a list of the fic I recced for your viewing pleasure.  First off, I didn't rec anything that had been recced before.  Second, I tried to rec stories by authors who hadn't been recced before, or recced infrequently.  Finally, I tried to vary it up and not post all K/L stuff (and I think I found *one* non-Kara fic to rec, but what can you do).

Without further ado:
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All of the bsg recs are tagged here.  And here is the sign-up sheet...
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As you may be aware, I am an avid reader of fanfiction. “Avid” may not be a strong enough word to convey just how much time I waste spend reading fic (old, new, good, bad). So why this rec list now? Because I’ve been thinking for the past few weeks that many of you LJers may not venture to good ol’ Or those ventures may be infrequent and trepidatious. Have no fear! For I, I am an expert.

And so, a list of Fics I Like that are (as far as I know) only on FFN and not LJ.

the recs )

Feel free to add any I may have missed.  I’m confident that I’ve read them all, but some may have slipped my mind.  And most of all, read and enjoy. :)

Status of my TV: 10 episodes of Dexter, 7 of Dollhouse.  Still watching Big Bang.  May have given up on The Office.  CANNOT WAIT FOR THE RETURN OF CHUCK.
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Yes, it is time to celebrate our girl!  (Well, it's always time to celebrate her in my book)

I have gathered, um, a few of my favorite Kara fics.  This is by no means all of the great Kara fic out there.  It's mostly the great Kara fic that I have bookmarked, hence easy access to the links.  Feel free to comment with any Kara fic you think should also be on this list!  But first, I shall point you in the direction of this list by [ profile] daybreak777 from 2007.  Now, here are a few of my favorite fics that aren’t on this list.  I’m trying for gen, or fics that are at least more about Kara than a ship.  Also preferably from Kara's perspective.  That said, you all know my tendency towards Kara/Lee, so I couldn’t keep him out of here. 

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ETA: [ profile] daybreak777  has beat me to it with some of these.  Consider them doubly-recced.  Also, I am having rich text issues.


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