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All Doctor Who fans should watch this video.  I have just watched it for the third time. Spoilers for the fourth season finale and for End of Time as well.


Apr. 9th, 2010 06:41 pm
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Well, mostly.  You know, there's that one pesky scene with one of those good old "fill this in later" notes.  And some stuff that needs editing.  But generally speaking, Rough Draft = Done.  Good timing too, since I just signed up to be a pinch-hitter for [ profile] bsg_remix .

*Imagine that in Daniel Day Lewis's voice from There Will Be Blood.

And now, have a video that always makes me smile, and is vaguely related to this post:cut to spare your browsers )
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Apparently today is More Joy Day.  Who knew?  First off, I don't have a thread on [ profile] help_haiti  but a few of my flisters do and it seems like a groovy thing.  Check it out if you think you might be interested.  But if not, there are other options!  Cribbed from various places around the internet:

Text 'HAITI' to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross relief efforts or text "Yele" to 501501 to donate $5 to the Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund (it will be charged to your cell phone bill) or you can visit and click 'donate'.

These three charities, and many others, are providing care. If you can contribute to help fund their emergency efforts, please do.

* Doctors Without Borders

* Oxfam America

* Yéle Haiti

And now, a few things that have brought me joy.  Some fandom, some not.

joy )
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Guys.  You all know the old illustrated five-minute miniseries, right?  (If you don't, this must be fixed RIGHT NOW).  Well, I dug up the link to send to a friend, and lo and behold there are more five-minute episodes!  More!  From February and March!  How did I not know about this? 

Go read them and be merry: 33, Six of One, and Deadlock

P.S. I finished the first season of T:SCC today and I have no thinky thoughts but I do like it quite a lot.  Cameron is, naturally, my favorite (she dances!  and lies!  this thrills me).  I like John too.  Sarah leaves me apathetic so far, but whatever!  The show is good.

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A few unrelated things:
1. First of all, the response to my last fic has been amazing!  You are all awesome and I will get to all of the comments eventually.
2. A friend just sent me this link, and it was pretty good, so behold: The Frakking Eulogy
3. If anyone is interested in reading some of my original fiction, I posted a short story here called "Subterranean."  Summary-ish bit: It looked like a dirt hole.  Glancing surreptitiously around him, Stephen carefully set one foot in the hole, his toes lightly pressing into the soil.  It felt like a dirt hole.  But Stephen had never experienced anything like this.  Could the dirt hole, then, be something extraordinary?  Stephen hoped not.  The whole affair was too messy for his liking.
4. I have a fic request for all of you bsg writers!  I've been tossing this idea around since the finale, and I don't think I can write it myself.  But I want to read it! Lots of it.  spoiler )
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Um. I seem to have written crack!fic. BSG crack!fic. While I was supposed to be writing a research paper.  Oops?

This fic might be offensive to some people.  I don't want to say too much, but, well, if you're bothered by religion being used in crackfic, you might not want to read this.  If Ron Moore hadn't wanted me to think things like this, he shouldn't have made that damn Last Supper promo pic.

Anyway. You have been warned.  Onwards!

Title: Revelations, Book Of
Disclaimer 1: I don't own them.
Disclaimer 2: I mean no offense or disrespect.
Spoilers: Massive spoilers for Revelations. Just about everything that could be spoiled.
Rating: PG-13 for frakking (the word and the deed). Nothing explicit.
Note: This is not betaed. All mistakes are mine.
Characters/Pairings: Ensemble, hints at Adama/Roslin and gratuitous Kara/Lee. But mostly gen.
Summary: The Colonial Fleet found Earth. And it sucked.

They were depressed )

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So I've been busy with real life stuff, and before all that happened I'd begun quite a few fannish endeavors.  I came back and...was slightly less interested in some of them.  Decided to kick this thing out of the nest because it doesn't make sense anyway, so I'm giving up on trying to make it better.  Also giving up on adding pictures because I'm too lazy for that and I don't know how to put the text in the pictures anyway, so whatever.

This was inspired ages ago by [ profile] latteaddict's Unfinished Business Revamped.

This thing that I wrote is stranger and not nearly as funny, and also lacking pictures.  It's sort of my version of Home, except not really.  The idea was for it to be my version of Home, but it sort of mutated.

click for Home + inappropriate Scrubs references! )
I've been doing other things...which I shall briefly summarize should anyone be interested:

blah )
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Um, so I was watching the Lost season finale with my friend and her family.  And they are also Battlestar fans (thanks to me!  mwahahaha) so...well...I loved the episode.  I was freaking out pretty much the entire two hours.  But at some point during the freaking out (probably during a commercial break) we were discussing the island and time travel, and earlier in the evening we had been discussing Battlestar, and what time period Earth is at, and alternate universes, and I'd been thinking a lot about the whole cyclical thing, and...well...wackiness ensued.  During a commercial break.

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Three posts in four days?!  *gasp* 

Writing to let BtVS fans know that [profile] hellmouth_vsds has been updated.  Yes, I have taken time away from obsessing over new BSG to co-write this with [profile] visualthinker11.  With no further ado, I bring you Part Four of The Very Secret Diaries...on the Hellmouth! aka our very own m.o., which is funny if you've read them.

"Apocalypse tonight and I'm not invited!  At least dead guys think I'm cool."
-The Xander Chronicles
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So [personal profile] rose_griffes posted a link to this mad-lib style drabble generator thing proved very entertaining for me, far more so than my work.  I saved a few of my results.

(sadly, I did not provide any of the words in that last sentence)

(And on that note, I say good night.)
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This funny thing happened in my Greek Archaeology class yesterday.  Just before class started, I was actually writing the beginnings of a (bsg) fic in the back of my notebook, and I look up and what is my professor writing on the board?  CYLON.  I did a double-take in my seat.

Apparently, Cylon was this Athenian guy around the 7th century (BCE).  He tried to oust the ruling aristocracy in Athens, and he failed spectacularly.  He had the support of the army, and others (I think it was basically a populist movement), but yeah, he failed.  Most of his followers were killed, and he took refuge in the altar of Athena, where he should have been safe.  But he was dragged out and put to death by the Alcmaeonidae (the head honcho family).  And this is where the Alcmaeonidae (try spelling that five times fast) picked up a nifty little curse, on account of how you're really not supposed to drag people from the altar.  So then the family was cursed; supposedly, they were banned from Athens, but they were only actually kicked out on the rare occasion that someone had enough power to depose them.  I wonder if Glen Larson was up on his Ancient Greek history.

Ummmmmm Alan Tudyk...oh yes!  I was watching Arrested Development instead of working yesterday (like you do) and started cackling when Alan Tudyk appeared as Pastor Veal.  Too funny.  I love him.  I miss Wash. 

And then I took a break from Arrested Development to acquire and watch a certain episode of Robot Chicken, the one with Katee Sackhoff, Michael Hogan, Tahmoh Penikett, and Joss Whedon.  Yeah, it was hilarious, although the battlestar bit was unfortunately about 30 seconds long.  But still, the whole thing was very funny.  I recommend it.  The episode is called "Rabbits on a Roller Coaster" for no discernable reason.  I don't think there were any rabbits.

I said "and more," was there anything else...?  Oh, yes, there was.  So I was re-reading old fic of mine (like you do) and this odd thing happened.  I was reading Counting Breaths and there's one sentence in the last segment that says the exact opposite of what I meant.  The sentence: "She is too tired to miss anyone, and it seems unnatural to be glad they aren’t going through the same hell."  I'm not sure how it got all convoluted, but there's that double negative, with the "unnatural" and the "they aren't," and really I think it should have said "sad" instead of "glad" or some variant on that.  Nobody commented on it, so I wonder if they assumed that was what I meant or, like me, subconsciously rewrote it in their head to mean what it ought to?  Ah well.
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Anyone here familiar with Cassandra Clare's "Very Secret Diaries of the LoTR Characters?" Well, [profile] visualthinker11  and myself have borrowed her format and created our own Very Secret Diaries of the BtVS characters.

We are now bringing our project to lj: [profile] hellmouth_vsds 

If you are a Buffy fan, and you like the irreverent, the random, the bizarre, or the just plain silly, please do check out the VSDs.  First chapter: Days of our Unlives.
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I've been rewatching season one and I miss that good old friendly tension between Kara and Lee.  Why, why did she have to dance with Baltar?

Anyway, I have a sort of odd question.  I saw this picture online that looked like a screencap but I can't for the life of me remember what it's from.  It's Kara and Lee (of course) lying on the floor/deck/whatever, Kara looks unconscious but Lee's eyes are open (looking at her).  She's wearing her blues, but he's in like a jacket or whatever you call it in military-speak.  His arm is outstretched towards her.  It all looks very dramatic.  Anyone know what I'm talking about?

And finally, the promised funny thing: Battlestar Galactica -- A New Crew in Town


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