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So I have been finding it difficult to concentrate on non-bsg things and I've been thinking a lot about the finale.  I've read most of my flist's reaction posts, although I freely admit that I skimmed the angrier posts because I have really been trying to think about the good.  I may change my mind about this stuff at some point, but generally I'm hoping to stay positive about the ending.

finale spoilers )

I also just watched 'The Last Frakking Special' and am filled with love for Katee Sackhoff (of course) and also James Callis (because he's hilarious).  I scoffed at a lot of things RDM said though, and EJO too.

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i am capslocky )

I started writing Kara/Zak fic this afternoon.  I now have three BSG WIPs.  But I think I need some time.  I don't know how I can sleep after this.  Off to read other people's reactions!  Also that infamous spoilery Katee interview, because I am curious.  And now I can watch The Last Frakking Special (but not now, because then I really might cry).

ETA:I read Katee's spoilery comments )

ETA2: how could I forget... )

ETA again!  Of course those Katee comments that I thought were The Katee Comments are apparently not the ones that had everybody up in arms.  So that makes more sense.  I have found the clips on youtube but it is 5 AM so...yeah.

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AKA I have BSG on the brain and time on my hands.  I was having a minor pilots panic attack yesterday, and in an effort to recover my zen I've made a random picspam of all Lee/Kara interaction in 4.5.  Also, [ profile] taragel  was lamenting the lack of L/K action on lj, and I will never again have the chance to post something bsg-related in which the outcome is unknown, so I figured I'd better come up with something before Friday.

All caps from GalacticaBBS.  Spoilers for all aired episodes.

The story so far: is too long and complicated for me to summarize.  You all know it anyway.  We’re picking up with them all being shellshocked about Earth and whatnot. 

a pictorial narrative of 4.5 )
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DollhouseTrue Believer )

And that brings us to...Battlestar! 
I took a few notes on this one.  Daybreak Part 1 )

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No thinky thoughts here.  Just excitement.  I watched them both on a real TV!  Back-to-back Tahmoh, among other things.  Also some random commentary from my father.  My Dollhouse comments are very brief because Battlestar is taking up all the space in my brain. 

Gray Hour )

Islanded in a Stream of Stars )

I do not like "island" being used as a verb.

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What is with SciFi not posting the episodes?  Really not cool. 

*preliminary flail*  AHHHHHHHHHHH!  I am so excited.  This is ridiculous.
Someone to Watch Over Me )

I haven't watched Dollhouse yet, and I don't know when I'm going to.  Probably won't be posting about it this week, as I have Things To Do.  Also now I actually want to rewatch 'Someone to Watch Over Me,' which is a good sign for the episode but not for me and my Things To Do.

ETA: spoiler for the ep )

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this one was weird )
Kara Celebration Week starts on Monday...I have LOTS of stuff to post.  You are all going to be sick of me and my Kara-love by the end of the week!
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Well now, I took some rather copious notes during every ad break while I let the next part load, so now I'm going to try to make it presentable.  There was a lot of "Holy shit!" and "WTF!"

Read more... )

Oh yeah, and remember that Kara Celebration Week is coming up!  Last week of February.

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semi-live blogging )

In other news, the last week of February is going to be Kara Celebration Week!  Starting February 23.  There is a good chance that I may be posting every single day of the week.

BSG 4.13

Jan. 31st, 2009 11:35 am
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I love Kara Thrace! )

BSG 4x12

Jan. 24th, 2009 12:24 pm
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A Disquiet Follows My Soul )

No spoilers for next week's episode!

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Well.  This is going to take at least a week to process.  Maybe it's a good thing I can't watch the next one immediately!  Because if I could, I so would.  Right now.  (As it is, I think I'm going to go explore the 4.0 DVD.  More on that later.)

Sometimes a Great Notion )

In other news.  My father came home from work today and said "Before you laugh at me, I'm just going to admit that I bought Season 4.0."
Me: Are you kidding?  I just didn't want to pay for it!
So then I was happy.  And then I remembered that I'm going back to school on Wednesday and so I have only a few days to enjoy the DVDs.  I think I'd best get started right now.  I am way too hyped up to sleep.

ETA: Remember that I am not watching any previews (because I avoid spoilers like the plague) so please don't say a word about the preview for next week's episode in the comments.  Thank you.

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If you spoil me, I...will be very, very unhappy.  I have not seen any of these 'clues'.  I do not know who the final Cylon is (unless it's Bob Dylan or Jesus Christ, in which case I was right all along!).  I have not even watched a single promo, except for that 10-second one that was a promo for a promo.  When 4.5 starts on Friday, I will most likely be avoiding the next-week-on-Battlestar-Galactica previews too.  No spoilers!

So please.  Spoiler warnings.  Lj-cuts.  And nothing spoilery in my comments!  Thank you.


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