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I have finished my undergraduate career, and am now luxuriating in free time.  Sort of.  Well, for a couple hours yesterday anyway.

Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger: I caught up on Chuck just in time for the season finale.  You know, they kinda lost me a couple times in the middle of this season, but they won me back in a big way by the end.  I really enjoyed the last few episodes, especially this one.  I love Chuck and Sarah.  I love Ellie being awesome (see what I did there?).  I love Casey having a heart.  I loved watching Chuck save the day without the intersect.  Go Bartowski!  I am super excited for next season (above the law! under the radar! Morgan the Intersect!), although I'm also glad it will be the last one.  Show can't go on forever.  Best to end in style.

Doctor Who: The Doctor's Wife
Oh Neil Gaiman.  You can be obnoxious sometimes, but this was just a lovely episode.  Loved Rory and Amy in the TARDIS.  LOVED the TARDIS!  "I believe you call"  "Only when we're alone."  Ahahaha.  These guys.  They are divine.  I dunno, I don't really have anything of import to say about this was just good.

Game of Thrones: The Wolf and the Lion
So. Damn. Good.  They've all been great except for the third episode, but this one was especially awesome.  I really appreciated getting a more concentrated story and getting to see what's at stake with a bit more depth.  I also loved the scenes made possible by the TV format, like the Cersei/Robert scene and the Renly/Loras scene (also someone posted about this, all surprised and confused, on [ profile] asoiaf  and I lol'ed because really? are people that stupid?).  And even though I shouldn't be surprised, I gasped out loud when Gregor killed the horse.  And then the scene with Jory.  Alas, poor Jory.  It's been so long since I read the first book that I'd forgotten your name/existence, but I was still sad to see you go.

Sherlock: Study in Pink
Yes, you read that right.  I finally got around to giving Sherlock a go.  I quite enjoyed this episode, although I'm not to the point of raving about it.  I didn't love some of the stylistic choices, the real choppy, let's-flash-around-and-then-have-a-really-close-close-up aesthetic.  I dunno.  Wasn't quite working for me.  I was also sort of bored by Mycroft, vaguely irritated by Sally (and the sort of hahaha-she's-annoying-hahaha-on-her-knees attitude), not remotely frightened by the cabbie (largely because as soon as we saw the serial suicides, my mind went to John Lithgow and Dexter Season 4 and holy crap but nobody can out-scary him).  I loved Watson and liked Sherlock though, so I'll definitely keep watching.  I was also irritated though by the fact that he's supposed to be a genius and there's NO CONCEIVABLE WAY he took so long to make that connection!  As soon as Sherlock asked who goes unnoticed through London, I was like "oh, cabbies."  And then they saw the cab, and then they were chasing it, and then I didn't understand why they were interrogating the passenger.  I was so confused.  But even if he didn't figure it out then, how could he--a genius--not realize that he hadn't ordered a cab?  Honestly.

I have also added a couple new items to my fangirl collection!

1. My friend (the same one who made the TARDIS door and the Who Clue) made this poster:

If you do not get the reference, watch this clip from the amazing Mock the Week: Unlikely Lines to Hear in an Episode of Doctor Who

2. A friend also gave me a gorgeous Hunger Games bookmark from Etsy:

And that's what's new in my fannish life!
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