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Eh, figured after posting fic here for a couple years it was about time to do one of these.  And it makes me feel a little better about my current blockage.

I have written fic for Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, and Buffyverse, plus crossovers including the three aforementioned fandoms as well as Doctor Who, Lost, Discworld, Dead Like Me, Sandman, Donnie Darko, and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Horizon (PG) - Sometimes she's glad Cloud Nine was destroyed.  Vague K/L.
Flight Status (PG-13) - Kara asks Lee for her flight status back.  Set between Torn and A Measure of Salvation. 
Kara Thrace and her Special Destiny (PG) - In which Lee says some stupid things and Kara pretends to be amused.
The Time It Takes To Fall (PG-13) - She has been out of that damn apartment less than 24 hours, and she can barely breathe.  Gen Kara.
Outside of the Inside (PG-13) - She is so frakking tired of hiding her sins and pretending to be whole.  Gen Kara.
Counting Breaths (PG-13) - As long as she's thinking in numbers, she might as well try to quantify her losses.  Gen Kara.  Remix.
Without Hands (PG-13/R) - Kara Thrace had lived without hands once before, and she had sworn she would never do so again.  K/S and K/L.
Liaison (PG-13) - He couldn't talk so he just took a few quick steps around her desk and pulled her into his arms.  K/L.
Hold Me Sway (PG) - The hope of their entire society had just been revealed as an empty promise; he didn’t have any words for this.  K/L.
Shuffle Fic - Ten drabbles.  All Kara, some K/L.
Five Times Kara Told Someone She Missed Them (PG-13) - She shouldn’t be puttering around her quarters like some lovesick fool, but she can’t seem to remember how to be herself when he’s not around.  K/Z, K/S, K/L.
Revelations, Book Of (PG-13) - The Colonial Fleet found Earth.  And it sucked.  (crackfic)
A Good Day for Dying (PG-13) - They met in the middle of the bay, and he knew he was smiling like an idiot, but she was too so it was okay.  Vague K/L.
Say Anything At All (PG-13) - Maybe, since she hadn’t learned to play the piano, she should have learned not to say anything at all.  K/Z, K/S, K/L.
The Disappearing Ground (PG) - Lee is afraid to sleep, afraid that if he lets go she’ll vanish. She’s done it before, but this time she won’t come back.  K/L.
The Rest Of Her Life (PG-13) - Kara doesn't believe in love at first sight.  K/Z, some K/L.
The Other Side (of This Life) (R) - There were some things in life that she just needed: Lee’s eyes on her, the heartache she read in every line of his body, and the words she heard in his silence.  K/L with a dash of K/S.  Remix.
To Call Your Own (PG) - Kara ficlet from the prompt "battlestars i have known."
Father's Day
(PG-13) - Child!Kara ficlet from the prompt "father's day" (shocking, I know).
A Touch of Grace (PG) - Kara ficlet from the prompt "Kara takes ballet as part of her pyramid training."
Portraits (PG) - Some people don't fade away.  Gen.
What Happens in the Conference Room (PG-13) - The Admiral's Support Group for Dysfunctional Families and Insubordinate Officers was the place to be.  Gen, ensemble, crack.  Also remix.
Lift Me Up (PG) - During "The Passage," Kara and Lee try to take care of each other.
The Breath Between (PG-13) 4/4 - Kara's return in "Crossroads" is not what it appears to be.  My pilotsbigbang fic.
Two Drabbles (PG) - Fall and Wax Wings.
Untitled Lee snippet (G) - swearing in.
Lessons (PG-13) - Ficlet, Kara learning to drive.
Snow Day (G) - Ficlet, Kara and Lee as kids, frolicking in the snow.
Save the Last Dance (PG) - Kara thinks Lee has terrible taste in music.
As the Driven Snow (PG-13) - Ficlet, New Caprica.  Sometimes it struck her anew, the falseness of this.

Shuffle fic - Ten drabbles.
In White (PG) - Zoe(/Wash) drabble.
*The Hollowing (PG) - Kaylee/Simon Halloween!fic.  The crew spends the night on a planet with an unusual tradition known as the Hollowing.

Four People or Anthropomorphic Personifications Buffy Didn't Meet When She Died And One She Did (PG-13) - BtVS, Discworld, Sandman, Dead Like Me, and BSG.
*Some Kind of Superhero (PG-13) - BtVS, Donnie Darko.  The story of Gretchen Ross.
Man of God (PG) - Firefly/HGttG. The 'Verse, not unlike Book himself, was older, stranger, and all-sorts-of-things-er than Mal knew.
Drive (PG) - BSG/DW. Kara Thrace and Martha Jones in a car.
With the Tide (PG-13) - BSG/Lost.  Kara makes a new friend.  Sort of.  (Kara, Sayid)
Drink in the Dawn (PG) - BSG/DW. Kara Thrace walks into a bar and meets...Jackie Tyler!

*One Tiny Piece of Metal (PG-13): How Seeing Red would've gone if I'd been in charge. What if Xander wasn't standing in the backyard? Would Tara still have been standing in front of the window when Warren came?  Ensemble, 18 chapters.
*The Perfectly Perfect Word (PG-13) - Ats/BtVS.  Spike receives a reward before he dies.
*The Management (PG-13) - Welcome to the afterlife.  Challenge!fic: the pilot of a spinoff using two established (but relatively minor) characters and several OCs.
*Big Sister (PG-13) - What if Faith punched Buffy off the balcony after being stabbed in Graduation Day? Ensemble, 15 chapters, abandoned.

I co-wrote The Very Secret Diaries...on the Hellmouth! with visualthinker11.  Located at [ profile] hellmouth_vsds .  Crack.
Angel: Days of Our Unlives
Oz: The Human Diary of a Teenage Werewolf
Buffy: Slayers Rule, Vampires Drool...No really, it's gross
The Xander Chronicles
Giles: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Apocalypse(s)
Cordelia: Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Willow the Teenage Witch
Wesley: Cuppa Tea, Cuppa Tea...
Faith: Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Daytime TV
Mayor: How to Become a Giant Snake and Still Feel Good About Yourself

*Pre-LJ fic is housed at my site.
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