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Before all the craziness that is bound to commence at 10 pm EST, just a quick post to let any BtVS fans know that I have updated The Very Secret Diaries...on the Hellmouth!  I believe I have acquired some new readers since the last update, so the basic info: the VSDs are co-written by myself and [ profile] visualthinker11 .  They are a series of, well, diaries set during season 3 and archived at [ profile] hellmouth_vsds .  Very silly.  We promise entertainment.  If you want to read them, you should start with Angel's.

Anyway, new diary!

Day Five
Can cross off "get a new vampiric helper to deal with the messier items that Alan can't handle" from my Things To Do Before I Ascend To A Higher Plane/Become A Giant Snake list.  Also good to be expanding staff, since the Slayer is apparently plus one (not entirely clear on how that happened...).

Next up: prepare for sacrifice to Lurconis and contact T-Mobile--am terribly disappointed in their service in this area.  Can never get a signal when I need one.

-Mayor Richard Wilkins III: How to Become a Giant Snake and Still Feel Good About Yourself

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1) A question regarding my plotfic...

Who was CAG on Galactica in Resurrection Ship after Lee and Kara were sent away?  The way I see it, there are 3 possibilities:
-Birch, even though he did a terrible job the first time
-Helo even though I'm not sure anyone would trust him
-some unknown pilot from the Pegasus (maybe Showboat?)


2) Can somebody indulge my morbid curiosity and tell me what is going on in this fandom?  I've heard references to some sort of drama/controversy and have no idea what they're talking about.

3) The latest edition of the VSDs is now online!
"Am surprisingly good at wresting alligators.  Watcher missed that, of course.  Was probably off drinking tea or something.  Bitch."
-Faith: Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Daytime TV

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A few things, most of which are completely unrelated....
Word is that Katee Sackhoff's got the lead in a pilot called "Lost and Found" by the Law and Order guy. I'm not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, I'd rather watch this thing than Nip/Tuck. On the other hand, I strongly dislike Law and Order. And after putting myself through Bionic Woman, I'm just not sure how much this fangirl can take. So I sincerely hope that a) it's surprisingly good, or b) she moves on quickly to greater things. Otherwise I just don't know how I'll get my fix post-Battlestar! (Sad thing is, I'm mostly serious)

Does anyone here watch Chuck? I just watched the pilot (I am behind, of course) and it was quite entertaining. Still working my way through Doctor Who (2nd season--I miss Christopher Eccleston). Sometimes I think I watch too much TV. Or I watch it too intently anyway.

I wrote a short story! Yay! Haven't finished one of those in awhile. Fanfiction may be sparse now that classes are up and running, doubly so now that one of those classes has me writing a story a week. I did write a short fic though that's at the beta, so hopefully this well won't be too dry. I'm still working on the plot fic, but it's a bit stalled at the moment. I need to write about a character that I haven't got a great handle on, so that's taking some work. And some time. But it will come! Hopefully before 2009.

Last week I updated the VSDs after our longest between-diary break yet:
"My field tests against the Vampyrs had in no way prepared me for great blobby demons who like to remove kneecaps. Really, am considering writing an irate letter to Watcher's Academy recommending a change."
-Wesley: Cuppa Tea, Cuppa Tea...

And here ends the kind of pointless update.

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Some notable things:

1. [profile] sl_podcast has just posted the links and all that to the latest episode of the Strangely Literal podcast.  When Episode 49 of the podcast went online, my co-conspirator [profile] visualthinker11 sent me one VERY excited email because we were the subjects of the podcast.  And by 'we' I mean Oz, or rather our diary o' Oz from The Very Secret Diaries...on the Hellmouth!  In conclusion, SL has posted a reading of Oz's VSD and it is super exciting to listen to one's work read aloud by a complete stranger.

2. I miss BSG.  And it was only one week.  I'm very excited for Friday, but also a little bit worried.  On the one hand, I'll be watching on a real TV.  On the other hand, I'll be watching with my father and sister.  And the problem there is that they do not love BSG the way I do.  And they could care less about Kara/Lee.  My dad always refers to her as 'Starbuck,' possibly because he can't remember her real name.  This is not a good sign.  I have a tendency to spaz out, and while I always pretended I wasn't watching BSG when I was watching it on my computer at school, I kind of enjoyed the semi-privacy of my semi-clandestine viewing experience.  If that made any sense.

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1) I read two very good BSG/Firefly crossovers the other day and now I'm itching for more.  Anyone know of journals/comms where I might find some?  If you're curious, the two I read can be found in my memories (I'm too lazy to dig up the links now).

2) I updated [profile] hellmouth_vsds so btvs people, go read and be amused.

"Dear Watchers,
Slayer having shared dreams with vampire.  Odd.  I really ought to get Christmas off, don't you think?"
-Giles: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Apocalypse(s)
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Three posts in four days?!  *gasp* 

Writing to let BtVS fans know that [profile] hellmouth_vsds has been updated.  Yes, I have taken time away from obsessing over new BSG to co-write this with [profile] visualthinker11.  With no further ado, I bring you Part Four of The Very Secret Diaries...on the Hellmouth! aka our very own m.o., which is funny if you've read them.

"Apocalypse tonight and I'm not invited!  At least dead guys think I'm cool."
-The Xander Chronicles
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Chapter Three of The Very Secret Diaries...on the Hellmouth! has been posted at [profile] hellmouth_vsds . This is the part where I tell every BtVS fan out there to go read them.  You might not know it from my bsg fic, but I really do write humor, I swear.

"Big-time apocalypse again tonight. Wonder if I have time to fix my hair."
-Buffy: Slayers Rule, Vampires Drool...No really, it's gross

And the unrelated question: Are Ron Moore's podcast commentaries worth listening to? I watched most of his commentary on Occupation, and then I got bored and stopped.
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My friend [ profile] visualthinker11 and myself have posted the second installment of our Very Secret Diaries...on the Hellmouth! series. If you are a Buffy fan, please do check it out. We promise entertainment.

Fake cut to Oz: The Human Diary of a Teenage Werewolf

In other news, I have completed the dread english paper. And now must study for the history midterm of death...
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Anyone here familiar with Cassandra Clare's "Very Secret Diaries of the LoTR Characters?" Well, [profile] visualthinker11  and myself have borrowed her format and created our own Very Secret Diaries of the BtVS characters.

We are now bringing our project to lj: [profile] hellmouth_vsds 

If you are a Buffy fan, and you like the irreverent, the random, the bizarre, or the just plain silly, please do check out the VSDs.  First chapter: Days of our Unlives.


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