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Yes, you read that right.  I wrote Dollhouse fic.  I haven't seen the show in ages, nor have I so much as glanced at the fandom, so I hope this is A) in character and B) not retreading well-trodden territory.

Title: Everybody Knows Your Name
Character: Claire Saunders
Disclaimer: not mine.
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Note: Written for [ profile] juliet42  as part of [ profile] help_japan 

Doctor Saunders wasn't much for hard liquor )
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For housekeeping purposes, I'm reposting two bits of fic that have been posted elsewhere in recent weeks.

The first is a snippet that I sent to [ profile] kag523  for her "Guess the Author" game at no_takebacks a few weeks ago.  I wrote the scene a few months ago--it would have been the beginning of a fic, but then I decided not to write it after all (it was for [ profile] bsg_remix , and I changed my mind about which story to remix).  Anyway, it's too long to be traditionally considered a drabble, but too short to be considered a ficlet so make of it what you will.

avow and affirm )

The second is a ficlet that I wrote for the All the Galactic Ladies Fic Battle at [ profile] karathracelives .  You should go over there and write one too.

Title: Lessons
Character: Kara (with cameo by Socrata)
Prompt: learning to drive
Warning: it's weird and dark and mentions child abuse.

the first time Kara got behind the wheel of a car )
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So I wrote a Firefly drabble. Kind of randomly. Well, when I was watching Shindig, this one line popped out at me and then I wrote this thing.

Title: In White
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em.
Spoilers: Serenity (BDM)
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Zoe, implied Z/W
Word Count: 160
Note: Beta-read by [ profile] visualthinker11 

The material was thin and smooth, sliding against her skin and trailing loosely around her ankles )


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