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As you may have guessed from my subject line, I thought tonight's episode was fan-frakking-tastic.  And yes, I did just use that word.  I'm a little ashamed.  But moving on...I could really only find one tiny flaw, and that was just a silly thing, so the episode must have been well above average.  Wait, actually, I found another.  But still, very insignificant little quibbles.

Dad: So in your stories, do you fix the gaping plot holes?
Me: No.  I pretty much avoid plot entirely.
Dad: You just write kissing scenes, then?
Me: Um...not exactly.
Then I tried to make my fanfic endeavors sound more glorified than just "I like angst."  It was kind of funny.

It hasn't quite sunk in yet, though, that this is the last episode for a very long time.  Oh god, it's going to be a long six months.  Or more.  Oh god.

eta: Was there a preview for the second half of the season?  The TV started talking about Stargate and I turned it off immediately.  
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1) Happy birthday [profile] visualthinker11!

2) I was away last week and so I did not seen the Hub...and I still haven't.  This is very upsetting.  First, my internet was dead yesterday and this morning, and then we got it fixed but hulu and scifi have not posted it, which is very cruel.  But I was watching on another site and it froze at 4:39 minutes from the end so I still haven't seen the end.  Very upsetting.  No spoilers please.  I'm downloading it from another site as I type this.  But I really love what I've seen of it so far!  I have much love for these actors, especially James Callis and Mary McDonnell.

3) But I have this fic that I wrote in response to Sine Qua Non.  It has no spoilers for the Hub, as I wrote it last week.

Title: Liaison (I never really came up with a title I liked.  If you think of a better one, I'm open to suggestions)
Disclaimer: Don’t own ‘em.
Word Count: about 800
Rating: PG-13 for fake swearing
Spoilers: through Sine Qua Non
Summary: He couldn’t talk, so he just took a few quick steps around her desk and pulled her into his arms.
Notes: Thanks to [profile] tracyj23 for the beta!  And to [profile] songandsilence for unintentionally making me write this.  Also, this is something I haven't got much experience with--it's happy shipper fic.  Feedback is, as always, greatly appreciated.

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I don't quite know what to make of "Sine Qua Non" and I wish it wasn't called that because I never took Latin and I can't remember how to pronounce it.  But I can't help thinking of math (sine, cosine, all that nonsense) which is just not pleasant.

Watching with my family was alright.  They didn't mock me until after the episode! 
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Why does imdb say this is a two-parter?  Just to confuse me?

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Um, hi, so I feel that my life has been very interesting for once, and it's only slightly unfortunate that all this exciting stuff is happening while I'm wading through finals.  But anyway, I'm going to blather on about my life for a bit, feel free to skip down to the fandom stuff.

Ok, there's the story about my life, except that I'm still neglecting the research paper that's due on Monday but pshaw.   I totally got back to campus and elected to watch Battlestar instead of researching.  Of course, I have excellent priorities.


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Yeah, so, I watched The Road Less Traveled (travelled?  which spelling is Sci-Fi using?).  And gosh I don't have any idea what to say, but I suppose I'll ramble about it anyway.

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So.  Yes.  Instead of doing the many things I need to be doing, I watched BSG, and now I am posting my rambly thoughts.  In general, i think twas a very good episode, but I have some issues. 

In other news, I’m officially not watching the promos for upcoming episodes, so we’ll see how long I manage to remain spoiler free.  It worked for this week though!

In other other news, some person named Robin D. Moore is speaking at my college, and when I got the email with the upcoming events, I did a double-take at that name.  I don’t know who Robin D. Moore is, but that’s just eery.  BSG is following me, I swear.

Oh, and I'm confused about something.  Specialist Cally--Cally is her first name.  And then we have Specialist Jammer, when Jammer is clearly not his name.  And Specialist Socinus. And Prosna.  I refuse to believe these are first names.  So what, is Cally just special because they didn't give her a last name until now?  And Jammer?
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Don't have much to say about The Ties That Bind.

Guess I had more to say than I thought.  Or more words, not so much substance. Unfortunately, I cannot muster a squee for this episode.

In other news, I have started a new fic.  Much of it was written in the margins of my notes for various classes.  I am clearly an excellent student.  
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So, after swearing off the Friday live streaming (the audio and visual kept breaking up at the worst times) I just watched Six of One today and...well...I've decided that I'm not even going to attempt well thought-out meta, probably ever, but here:

yay! )

In conclusion, I LOVED this episode.  Clearly I don't have anything more intelligent to say, but I think a hearty "SQUEE!" is in order.

I'm having text size issues.  wtf.
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This is in no way an actual episode review/commentary, I just...well...yeah.  Yesterday I thought the internet/ had forsaken me.  I got up and showered and dressed and everything before noon and from like 11:45 till noon i kept refreshing the damn page waiting for the vid to pop up, and finally at 12:01 i get this thing telling me i haven't got the necessary plug-ins, so i tell it to download the plug-in. 
it: plug-in not available.
me: i found it right here.  download now!
it: ok.
me: where'd it go?  hello?  oh, there it is in my applications folder, right where it's supposed to be...why won't you let me watch the episode?
it: you don't have the necessary plug-in.  plug-in not available.
me: *panics*
and eventually i switched to safari (i had been using firefox).
safari: here's your episode!  pick your bandwidth!  ok, *freeze*


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